Camryn Dress feat Ankara and Lace by Style Sew Me

Hey there!

Today’s version of my new pattern was made with this gorgeous ankara from Ankara and Lace. This is also the same dress I made in the sew along for this pattern.

Ankara and Lace is offers beautiful and unique African Fabric via an online shop, african fabric subscription service and wholesale/dropshipping. All of their fabrics come straight from Africa. This is super important to me because many times, “ethnic print” type of fabrics do not come from Africa and most likely come from a European country. I say if you’re going for the look, then support the economy. And of course the company being black-owned is a mega plus for me.

I have use some European made “tribal print” fabrics and I have used African fabrics and I can tell you there is a stark difference in quality, color, and texture.

Ankara and Lace offers four different subscription options. You can select a monthly box providing 1 yards, 3 yards, 6 yards, or even 12 yards of fabric MONTHLY and QUARTERLY!

What’s even better is that you go through a short style quiz that helps them match you with their best recommendations for your personal fabric tastes. You really can’t lose.

Sewing with this fabric was very easy. It cuts and sews wonderfully. I was actually a bit surprised at how well it conformed to my curves without being stiff or getting excessively wrinkled.

The color is very vibrant on this fabric. And the packaging is very cute and really makes for easy storage until you’re ready to use it!

Check out Ankara and Lace here for more details about african fabric

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