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Thank you I loved the fabric

Kemi O.


I am looking forward to next month's fabric!!!

Ore A.


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How do I track my order?

We will send you a tracking number when the order is sent, check below for the box schedule

Do I have to subscribe to get fabric?
No, there is an option to purchase fabric in the SHOP tab

What do you offer?
Click on the what do you offer tab for more information

Where can I take the style quiz?
Copy and paste this link in your browser,

Can I skip a month once I have subscribed?
Yes, you can skip a month after you receive your first subscription

Do you offer Fabric Samples?
Yes. Go the fabric samples in the menu above to order

Do you have gift options?
Yes, we have gift options, you can prepay for the recipient of the  gift

Is the subscription service a fit for me?
We guarantee you will get beautiful fabrics every time because African fabric is beautiful! You have to open minded , you will not be able to predict what you will get as this is not a store. Just make sure the colors you select in the style quiz are colors you actually like! We cant wait for you to be pleasantly surprised!

Do you have Wholesale African Fabric Options?

We welcome you to order larger quantities/wholesale African fabric quantities. We request you to email us at [email protected] for more details conversation.

What do your African Fabric Subscription Services include?

A ) 3 yards - I) every month and every 3 months  II) 100% cotton  III) Rolled
B ) 6 yards - I) every month and every 3 months II) 100% cotton III) Rolled
C ) 12 yards - I) every month and every 3 months II) 100% cotton III) Folded

What are the  service options? Do you offer fabric on different schedules?

Yes. Every month and every three months.  Prices vary with the amount of fabric

Can I get a different fabric even though I asked for that type of fabric in the  Style Quiz?

No, we will NOT accommodate refunds for that reason. Please make sure that what you enter is what you want.  In addition, every month we will send an updated style quiz and follow up with phone calls to make sure you are getting what you want

If I send you a picture or a link, will you send me the exact same fabric

We can try and source for the fabric but we do NOT GUARANTEE you will get the EXACT fabric. We will use it as inspiration. Please keep in mind, this is not a store, we use result from the quiz to look for fabric that is beautiful and that will meet your needs.

Will I be getting different kinds of fabric with my order?

It depends on your order, if you order 3 or 6 yards, you will get one pattern. If you order a 12  or 18 yard subscription, you will get more than one pattern. With the 12 yard subscription, you get 2 different patterns, each pattern is 6 yards. With 18 yards, you get three different pattern, each pattern has 6 yards of fabric.

Do you provide International delivery?

Yes we do! Currently to the United States and Canada

What is your the monthly Box Shipping schedule?

October Box - Will receive box between October 25th to 30th 2018

November Box - Will receive box between November 25th to 30th 2018

December Box - Will receive between December 19th to December 23rd 2018

I want to know what day my  next shipment will go out, if its every three months?
Feel free to reach us at [email protected]

What if I subscribe after the  Rebill Date?
Your box will be sent with the next shipment ONLY IF THE STYLE QUIZ IS TAKEN .
Check above for shipment dates

Rebill date for the subscription service?
15th of  every month

Shipping Dates
For US subscribers, standard shipping takes 2-5 days. For all other locations, shipping may take 7-21 business days (please be aware, delivery to certain countries may take longer).

More Questions?
Feel free to reach us at [email protected]